Naomi Elliott

  • Baltimore Magazine cover illustration showing a vacation house by a lake

  • Illustration of people in city using internet

  • Illustration about inflation, greedflation and economics for The New York Times

  • Illustration of airport departure lounge for New York Times, person using travel apps on mobile

  • Illustration of work from home benefits for The New York Times

  • Cover illustration for Boston Globe magazine, Top Spots to Live

  • Illustration of Boston neighborhood architecture

  • Illustration of Mattapan neighborhood in Boston
    Illustration of Mattapoisett harbor, Boston Massachusetts
    Illustration of Rockport, Massachussets Motif Number 1
    Illustration of Shirley, MA architecture

  • Illustration of New York city buildings with people navigating pandemic restrictions.

  • Illustration of different styles of houses and apartment buildings, people deciding which to buy.
    Illustration of street with social media on roof of buildings
    Illustration of bookshelves containing model houses, plant, lamp and Eames bird.

  • Illustration of gallery installation of greenhouse filled with plants

  • Calm Kitchen cookbook cover
    Watercress soup illustration

  • Illustration of four roomates in different zones during pandemic, one person spraying cleaning spray

  • Illustration of woman jumping out from email envelope waving hello
    Illustration of woman choosing book from bookshelves filled with decorative objects in mid-century style
    Phone screen showing illustrated icons for tech company

  • Illustration of woman laying on ground listening to LP vinyl records on record player through headphones
    Illustration of person rushing to film in movie theatre holding ticket, popcorn and drink
    Illustration of Cousin Greg from TV show Succession, testimony before Congress